Pain Control

Los Angeles Pain Center

At our Medical Clinic and Pain Center in Los Angeles we recognize pain can be debilitating. Unfortunately, too many medical offices undertreat pain. Chronic pain lead to co-morbid conditions, such as major depression, sleep deprivation, and diminished or loss of motility capacity.pain center clinic los angeles

We are NOT a pain clinic and we recognize that there are a subgroup of individual who benefit being referred to a chronic pain control clinic. The most important issue regarding pain is that it will be recognized quickly, immediate medical treatment be provided, and if necessary patient should be referred to chronic pain clinics when appropriate.

We can assist you in the management of variety of conditions including:
• Arthritic joint pain
• Back and low back pain
• Fibromyalgia
Sciatica Pain
• Diabetic neuropathic pain affecting legs and arms

We recognize each patient’s pain is unique. At Essential Medical Clinic, our team will work with you to develop an individualized pain management plan and set personal goals based on your medical history and records. We will provide continued care within a friendly and comfortable environment.